Our Mission

When we surveyed the market of services offered for early developmental, recreational, and casual soccer players and young athletes in the Tidewater area, we found the available clubs and classes lacking.

Parents from all over - Williamsburg, Newport News, Yorktown, and Hampton - have told us that there is nothing available for their toddlers and tykes whom they desperately want taught athletic fundamentals.

These fundamentals are not only skills on the pitch - they’re the rules of life that govern all human relationships, like an unbreakable thread weaving our lives together, or pulling them apart.

Take the example of the cleated toddler who kicks the soccer ball at their friends and teammates in an effort to gather the coach’s attention. This player learns quickly in the Club that tantrums are neither paid nor punished - the player is sidelined to sit and think for themselves about what they did, and how their behavior affects others and themselves. 

We Teach Teamwork

We know that in the game of life, a team is defined by its weakest link. This link is not made weak by lack of skill or ability - this can be taught, trained, and honed.

The weakness of one link is made so by the attitude of that team member, and an attitude of intolerance or self-centeredness is the weakest attitude of them all.

Our goal at the Little Lions Club is to raise both the human and athletic awareness and ability of all our participating players and families, and to bring much-needed fun and friendship to our community.

Little Lions Club coaches at an event, standing in front a tent.

- PJ & Chris

Little Lions Club Founders