Meet The Team


Photo of the head coach, PJ, wearing a little lions logo shirt.

PJ Johnston

Head Coach/ Co-Owner

Since he was a wee little cub, PJ has been in love with playing sports. From the wrestling mat to the soccer field, his enthusiasm and ferocity set him apart as a true LION. When he finally had a cub of his own, he took back to the pitch to become a coach, and teach his son the same values of sportsmanship and work ethic that he learned in his younger years. As a head soccer coach for over a decade, PJ became a family favorite here in Williamsburg. Now, he’s taking his fun-loving style to a pitch near you!

Photo of the operator, Chris, wearing a little lions logo shirt.

Chris Miller


Coming from a background in behavioral health administration, Chris never thought he’d fall in love with coaching, much less turn it into a career. But after leaving behavioral health, fate matched him with Coach PJ. Together, they bring years of symbiotic experience to the table; PJ’s coaching background combined with Chris’ administration, finance, and backend business background make for the perfect team. Plus, Chris has a passion for fitness to boot (but please don’t ask him about his macros)!

Coaching Team


Brittney Hardee

Little Lions Club Coach - VA Peninsula

With a degree in Kinesiology from Longwood University and a background playing competitive soccer, Coach Brittney is more than well prepared to coach our Little Lions. When asked to tell us about herself, Brittney gave us the following fun facts:

  1. She won a handstand competition in 2011, holding it for over two minutes (ask her about the photo evidence - it exists!)
  2. She has 208 horse ribbons from equestrian competitions
  3. She can do a rainbow (it's a soccer trick - look it up!)
  4. And, most importantly, she absolutely loves working with our kids!


We at the Club are so grateful to have Brittney aboard the team. We love her, and we know you will, too! 


Alyson Pellei

Little Lions Club Coach - Blacksburg

Currently enrolled at Virginia Tech, Coach Alyson is a long time soccer player and coach! She hails from Williamsburg, VA, and is an expert in the Ice Cream Cone game. Here are some fun facts about Coach Alyson:

  1. She's been playing soccer since she was 4 years old - a Little Lion in her own right!
  2. She can speak Pig Latin
  3. She used to have pet cows (Coach PJ's 2nd favorite animal!)
  4. She's been coaching the 2-5 age group for years!


So, if you're fortunate enough to be a kid in a Montgomery County, VA, preschool or daycare, be on the lookout for Coach Alyson coming your way soon!

Coach Key

Keyona Johnson

Little Lions Club Coach - Fredericksburg/Stafford

Coach Key is our first addition to the Fredericksburg branch of Little Lions! A lover of sports and working with children, she's a trusted member of the team. Here are some fun facts about Coach Keyona:

  1. A former cheerleader, she once appeared in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!
  2. She's the middle child and only girl, so in her words, she'll probably be President one day.
  3. At home, she takes care of her very own 3 Musketeers, so she has plenty of joy for working with children!
  4. She's terrified of squirrels.
  5. Her favorite movie quote is "stay golden, Ponyboy" from the Outsiders!


Be on the lookout for Coach Keyona laughing and playing at your preschool in Fredericksburg, Stafford, or Spotsylvania, all year round!